Senior designer

job requirements:

1, more than three years of high-end women's brands with the level of work experience;

2, there is a better aesthetic taste, fashion-sensitive;

3, independent operating window of successful experience, good communication skills;

4, skilled use of the relevant design software;

Job Responsibilities:

1, window design and development;

2, shop decoration software design and development;

3, various activities to help companies design and implement a static exhibition;

4, the relevant window props and procurement;

5, and complete other tasks assigned by the leadership.


1, free medical examination once a year, tourism opportunities;

2, signed a formal labor contract;

3, the company agreed to buy social security, five insurance payments;

4, employees can enjoy national statutory holiday;

5, the company implemented the size of Hugh, working hours 09: 00-12: 30,14: 00-18: 00;